Rating of the best mountain bikes

Choosing a best mountain bikes under 500 is not an easy task. Of course, you can go to the store and ask the seller to help, however, one can only guess how competent he is in this matter. Therefore, in order to avoid making an unsuccessful purchase, it is advisable to study some important characteristics of mountain bikes in advance. As for the female models, it is useful to know in advance what the difference between them and other models is. The editors of the site conducted a small study, according to the results of which the 5 most successful models worth about $ 650 were included in the ranking of the best women’s mountain bikes.

JAMIS Eden Comp

So, on the best models is JAMIS Eden Comp 2016 release. This hardtail
is great for cross country driving. The main component of any bike is the frame. In female models, it has a curved shape. This is done primarily so that you can ride a bicycle and in a skirt. In this model, the frame is aluminum, it is available in two sizes of 14 and 16 inches (selected for growth). The next important component in mountain biking is the front shock absorber. RockShox XC30 TK 27.5 spring-oil fork is installed in this model. It is great for people with a small body weight and has several additional settings, such as locking and spring stiffness.

The wheels of the bike are equipped with WTB Speed ​​Disc i19 dual aluminum rims. And tires CST Heathen, 27.5 × 2.1, Dual Compound, EPS Puncture, 65PSI are highly durable and provide reliable grip of the wheels with the track. No less important are the brakes. The bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes with a disk mechanism of a very famous company Shimano. Such brakes .

Fuji Bikes Addy 27.5 1.5 Disc

The ranking is Fuji Bikes Addy 27.5 1.5 Disc. The model went into mass production in 2015. This is a pretty light bike, its weight is only 12.63 kg. Nevertheless, he is practically in no way inferior to his brothers. The small weight of the device is also due to the fact that an aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the frame. A fairly wide range of frame sizes (from 13 to 19 inches) allows you to choose almost any height. The front shock absorber is represented by the soft Manitiou Marvel LTD air-oil fork. How is she good? Everything is simple here. The advantage of this fork is that it can be adjusted to almost any rider’s weight. Thus, this bike model is very suitable for non-standard people. In addition to the above, the plug has other features: settings for the compression speed, reverse speed.

Day on two wheels: how we rented bicycles

On the pages of the blog, I was often asked about how to rent a bike. But, I must admit, I did not have such an experience before. For a trip to Scheveningen , friends kindly lent bicycles, for a bike ride in the Overijssel province - a family. And finally this day has come! Today early in the morning we went to rent bicycles.

It was in Harlem. And initially we headed to Rent a Bike rental . But along the way we decided to check whether it is possible to rent a bike directly at Haarlem train station. It turned out - you can!

Here you can book your bike rental in Amsterdam >>

There are two types of bikes available at the Fietspoint rental company - with brakes on the pedals (cost 6.50 euros per day) and with a hand brake (10 euros per day). At Rent a Bike, according to the Internet, similar bikes cost 10 and 13.50 euros, respectively. Plus, it was possible to return the bike at our rental office before midnight, and at Rent a Bike until 17.30. In general, Fietspoint suited us in all respects :) Then on the website of the railway company I found information that there are bicycle rentals at many stations in the Netherlands ( see the very last block ).

A deposit of 50 euros was taken from us for each bike (accepted only in cash). They copied the data from the passport to the receipt (and immediately returned it). Well, actually, on this all organizational moments were over. We became cyclists for a day! :)

By the way, useful information for those who constantly live or often visit the Netherlands. Many train stations have nice OV fiets for hire. I hoped that everyone could rent them, but this is not so - they are issued only to those who have a subscription . But the good news is that this subscription is very inexpensive (9.50 euros per year). And then, when you need a bike, you pay only 2.85 euros per day - and it is all yours!

Where to go from Haarlem on a bicycle? In the flowering season of tulips , in April-May, routes towards Leiden , passing through flower fields , are very popular . And in the summer you can ride a bike to the sea - towards Zandvoort and Blumendal, and then wrap up in Zuid-Kennemerland National Park . There are good bike paths in the park, and there are signs everywhere showing the mileage of various routes. We chose a route towards Aymauden.


It is common for people to spend a lot of time in traffic, whether it is traffic jams, working or traveling. This practice can become a problem, causing spinal pain and wear. Therefore, it is crucial to know what is the correct driving posture.

According to the Brazilian Traffic Medicine Association (Abramet), incorrect driver position, coupled with vehicle vibration, causes intense muscle fatigue that can lead to serious vertebral injuries.

In addition to bringing health and comfort, the correct posture also represents safety, because it allows the driver to exert the necessary force to quickly deflect a hole or even to avoid running over.

So it is for these reasons that we have separated some correct posture tips for driving.

Avoiding back pain

Staying in one position for a long time can cause pain in the neck, lower back and central back. Usually, these pains are initially muscular, but can develop into serious vertebral problems.

Follow the 4 tips below to prevent this from happening:

  1. Stop the trip every two hours or 150 km and make stretches. Even with the right driving posture, it’s good to always move, after all, our body was not made to stay still.

  2. Avoid overweight. Excess weight changes the body’s center of gravity to. When it focuses on the abdomen, it puts a lot of strain on the lumbar muscles.

  3. Maintain a physical exercise routine that helps strengthen your abdominal muscles by supporting your spine.

4.Use seat cushions. Even making the proper adjustments to the car items, there are people having difficulties with the density of the seat. Some vehicles have lumbar support, but if yours do not, the best car seat cushion is a good option to assist with load distribution on the spine.

5.Frequently service the car’s shock absorbers and tires . Since excessive chatter can also cause back pain, be aware of the conservation of these items.

What is the correct driving posture?

The driving school teaches that the first thing to do when getting in the car is to adjust seat and mirrors. This may sound simple, but they are important habits that help reduce body fatigue and muscle aches.

And you know how to make these adjustments to ensure the correct driving posture?